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Adding More Photos Soon

Hello All

I’m finally adding some photos to this site that I took back in September 2014. I know it’s basically three and half years late in adding them to this site. I just want to add some titles, descriptions and so on to each new photos that I’ve added to this site.

I took these photographs with my phone back in 2014 and some in the last month or so. I’ll be posting something when I’m finished working on them.


Hello and An Update

Hello Folks,

Just an update to pass on to those who follow this blog – its will be a while before there would be semi-regular postings to this site. The earliest time that there would be posting’s to this site would be after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in the U.S. (if you’re from another country) or early December.

Here they are in the shade looking at us.
Here they are in the shade looking at us. They are enjoying the grass.

The reason is that the S.U.V. that I’ve used has been out of commission since May of this year. It looks like that we need to replace the alternator and it seems that it was causing some issues before the up and died on us.

If you want to know more please leave a comment if you can. Until later this year have a safe rest of the year. Peter


We’re in the process of adding more photos to this site of the dog’s to this site soon. Also, we’re going to try to capture more photographs of the dogs, along, with one or two more videos of the dogs – not sure at this time. It depends on the time of the day when I’m able to take the photographs and videos of the dog’s.

Bye for now….


Site Update(s)

This is a *For Your Information* type post about the URL around June 20th; this domain would not be working because I wasn’t able to renew the domain mapping service on in time. It’s going to take me (Peter) several days to 10 days after June 20th to possibly get the domain mapping working possibly again.

Just wanted to share this with the followers of this site and for the occasional visitor to this site.

This is looking north on Spooner Lake taken in the fall of 2014.
This is looking north on Spooner Lake taken in the fall of 2014.