This is Rogue laying on the beach of Lake Tahoe.


This is where we will share photographs of our dogs whether our loved ones that already passed on or the loved ones that we do have now.

There is a good chance that there will be multiple pages for Rogue and LoLo as part of the photograph collection of them could expand.

Rogue and LoLo – These two are the dogs that we are now have in our home.

    • Rogue – These are individual photographs of Rogue
      • Page 1
      • Page 2
    • LoLo – These are individual photographs of LoLo
      • Page 1
      • Page 2

Group Photographs – If there are enough photos with LoLo and Rogue I might post them on this page.

They’re may be a possibility of more “group photo” pages that may be added over time to this site.

Memorial Page(s) – This is for our dogs that we had: Misty, Lily, Goldie, Grayling, Talkeetna, and Kobi. There might be a few pages for the memorial pages for those that have passed on and at this point I don’t know yet.

Please check the Legal page for copyright information pertaining to the photographs on this site. Thank You.


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A Photograph Collection of our Dogs.

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